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ITooLabs Communications Server
Deploy a Cloud PBX under your telecom brand in 1 day

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Communicator version 1.8.7

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Server: CommuniGate Pro 5.2 SMB, Enterprise edition or ISP with Web2.0 Suite, version 5.2.13 or later.
Client: Windows XP SP3 or later.

Recognizing high demand for Unified Communications Solutions, ITooLabs presents the ITooLabs Communicator product, designed especially to meet SMB and Enterprises needs. It’s a truly unique softphone that adds a great deal of efficiency for every day Unified Communications users.

We made ITooLabs Communicator in a working partnership with CommuniGate Systems, supplier of the industry leading Unified Communications platform, CommuniGate Pro. ITooLabs Communicator leverages XIMSS, the XML API Interface for Messaging, Scheduling, and Signaling, developed by CommuniGate Systems especially for Rich Internet Applications. With XIMSS’ combined access to e-mail, instant messaging and VoIP services, ITooLabs Communicator extends users’ capabilities to manage personal data in a number of ways, like integrating roster and address book.

With ITooLabs Communicator you can easily:

  • make and receive calls;
  • manage calls (transfer, redirect, hold);
  • manage contacts;
  • exchange instant messages;
  • view call and chat history;
  • send and receive voice messages and voice mail.

ITooLabs Communicator Basic Features

  • Voice:
    • Sending and receiving VoIP calls;
    • Transferring and redirecting VoIP calls;
    • Sending DTMF in a dialog, recording and consequent playback of DTMF-sequences;
    • Automatic dialing of a contact’s extension;
  • Voice messaging
    • Listening voice messages;
    • Sending voice message by e-mail;
    • Replaying and deleting voice messages;
  • Chat:
    • Exchanging instant messages with XIMSS, SIP and XMPP clients;
    • Automatic e-mail delivery of a message if instant message delivery fails (for example, when a user is offline);
    • Storing messaging history as e-mail messages on the server, with the option of deactivating history log for specific chat sessions;
  • Contact management and Presence:
    • Tight integration of CommuniGate Pro contacts folder and Roster;
    • Grouping of addressbook contacts;
    • Sending contact information in a vCard;
    • Observing the presence status of specific contacts, merging the presence status of one contact’s different addresses;
    • Blocking a contact;
  • Other:
    • Native support for Yealink USB handsets (models P1K(H), B2K, P4K, P4V, P5D, P8D(H), P10D, W1D, B3G, P6S(H), P6KP;
    • Checking the availability of updates and automatic update of the Communicator (additional CG/PL code needs to be deployed to the server);
    • Reporting a problem from the Communicator’s interface.

ITooLabs Communications Server
Deploy a Cloud PBX under your telecom brand in 1 day

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