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ITooLabs Communicator - Administrator Guide


ITooLabs Communicator - is a unique application, developed for greater network communication convenience. Our communicator was created within the concept of Unified Communications. Using the VoIP technology you can make and receive calls, exchange IMs, send and receive voice mail, and trace your contacts' presence status. A convenient address-book, stored on the server, easily allows you to manage your contact list that is always at hand. ITooLabs Communicator uses the XIMMS protocol,realized in the efficient and reliable CommuniGate Pro server, developed by the Stalker Software, Inc. ITooLabs Communicator is fully compatible with the Windows XP™ and Windows Vista™ operating systems. ITooLabs Communicator - is a single solution that combines IP telephony, instant messaging and voice mail. ITooLabs Communicator is easy to adapt and to use, and doesn't require additional network configuration. Nevertheless, if you want greater convenience and less routine work with ITooLabs Communicator, we recommend that you read this manual.

Table of Contents

Setting up DNS for SRV (RFC-2782) records for automated service discovery
Setting up Windows Domain’s group policies for automated service discovery
Setting up CommuniGate Pro for propagating ITooLabs Communicator Updates
Setting up Kerberos Single Sign-On for ITooLabs Communicator
Storing personal user data on the server

Setting up DNS for SRV (RFC-2782) Records for Automated Service Discovery

ITooLabs Communicator can use SRV records to disover exact server location during initial Communicator setup. The Communicator supports following records:

  1. _ximss._tcp.<domain name> - server address and port number are taken from the record;
  2. _sip._tcp.<domain name> - server address is taken from the record, the value 8100 is set as the port number;
  3. MX record data MX - server address is taken from the record, the value 8100 is set as the port number;

The user's name, entered at the first step of the communication setup wizard is accepted as domain name. If the user has selected the domain authentication option, the client PC's domain is used.

Setting Up Windows Domain’s Group Policies For Automated Service Discovery

IToLabs Communicator can obtain initial setup parameters from Domain Group Policy. You can set the ITooLabs Communicator first launch parameters for all of your domain's client PCs. An archive of administrative template files is included into the communicator distribution. You can find it in the communicator's installation directory. Right now the templates are available in Russian and English. Run the MMC console, add the "Group policy object editor" equipment, and select "Default domain policy" for your domain as a group policy object. Note that you can also select "Local computer", but you shouldn’t select a user, since these templates are to be applied to whole PC, and not to a separate user. Find "Computer configuration" -> "Administrative templates" in the list, open the menu with a right click and select "Adding and deleting templates...". Then press "Add..." button and point to ItoolabsCommunicator.adm or ItoolabsCommunicator-ru.adm file. Find just added template then and configure it your own settings. These settings will be used only during first launch of Communicator, afterwards Communicator will keep its setting in HKLU.

Setting up CommuniGate Pro For Propagating ITooLabs Communicator Updates

To enable automatic upgrade of the ITooLabs Communicator on client PCs, do the following:

  1. create a special domain interface (for example, CommunicatorUpdate)
  2. download the communicatorupdate-admin.tar file into that interface(you can find the file in the communicator's installation directory, or download it here)
  3. using the interface you have created, enter the ComuniGate Pro web interface as the user postmaster
  4. enter the version number and upgrade severity, and upload the new communicator version (msi file)

Any user with an older version of ITooLabs Communicator, will be notified about new update available on the next login.

Setting Up Kerberos Single Sign-On for ITooLabs Communicator

ITooLabs Communicator supports the GSSAPI (Kerberos) authentication method, which can be used for a Single Sign-On in the Windows Active Directory. To enable this ITooLabs Communicator option, do the following:

Then check "Use the Windows account" in ITooLabs Communicator settings and log in.

It is required that Active Directory account’s name must match CommuniGate Pro account’s name

Storing Personal User Data on the Server

ITooLabs Communicator can store personal user data (such as address, phone number, etc.) on the server, in case it is allowed by the CommuniGate Pro server administrator.

To enable this option, do the following:

Attention: CommuniGate Pro server doesn't allow users to change the RealName attribute. It is possible only in case the server allows the automatic account creation Domain Settings -> Free Auto-Signup

ITooLabs Communications Server
Deploy a Cloud PBX under your telecom brand in 1 day

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